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The Asian Jersey Shore AKA KTown

Asian version of The Jersey Shore? Does it work?
So my boy Tyrese (I don’t actually know him but I assume we’d be on a first name basis) is producing a Jersey Shore like show but with an Asian cast.  It takes place in K-Town (that spot in LA, unfortunately not Manhattan, with all the Koreans)…

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Asian 'Jersey Shore' Spoof is Really Happening

Asian 'Jersey Shore' Spoof Is Really Happening

Model/actor Tyrese Gibson is producing a new reality show called 'K-Town', which is said to be a bit of a "spoof" of 'Jersey Shore', only with an Asian-American cast instead. The show is being filmed in L.A.'s Koreatown (aka K-Town).
They posted a casting call on Craigslist back in April:
Looking for interesting, attractive, colorful Asian-Americans to cast in a reality show similar to ‘Jersey Shore’…We need attractive Asian-Americans with lively, strong and unique personalities between the ages of 18 to 30 with equally interesting life stories and perspectives to share, especially individuals who know about and/or experienced the Koreatown life. If you are not Asian but are obsessed with Asian culture or people in some way, email us and please explain.
You can have a look at the cast here - they even have a "situation". Oy.
I wonder what the 'Jersey Shore' gang will think? What if people are more amused by the "new" crew and lose interest in the Jersey clan? I'm curious to see if they make it "spoof-like" or if they are just using the general concept behind 'Jersey Shore'?

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Yet Another 'Jersey Shore' Knockoff will be Set in the South

The producers of 'Jersey Shore' are hoping to find a Situation in the South.

A series tentatively called 'Party Down South,' created by Sally Ann Salsano's 495 Productions of 'Jersey Shore' fame, is presently being shot and will possibly air on Comedy Central, according to a story in the Hollywood Reporter.

The series will reportedly be a comedic variation of 'Jersey Shore,' but set in the South. So does that mean instead of going to the gym for a back and shoulders, the cast will go to NASCAR races?

"It's not 'Redneck Jersey Shore,''' a production insider told The Hollywood Reporter. "We're looking to have viewers laughing with the cast, not at them. We want a cast of funny people with stories to tell.''

The 'Jersey Shore' gang paid a visit to the South on their way to Miami during the first episode of Season 2. Snooki and J-Woww ate fried pickles in a Savannah, Ga. bar and Pauly D and The Situation got stuck in a field in South Carolina while shooting fireworks.

Comedy Central execs will soon make a decision on whether to continue the 'Party Down South' project.

Now that 'Jersey Shore' is a certified hit, expect a few more regional/ethnic reality shows to come forth. Others in development include:

-- 'The Persian Version,' from 495 Productions and Doron Ofir Casting, focuses on Persian-Americans in Los Angeles. The series is in preliminary casting.

-- 'Wicked Summer,' also from 495, is about Boston culture. Production began in July and it's presently being pitched.

-- An untitled Asian-American series produced by Tyrese Gibson's HQ Pictures put out a casting call in the spring looking for Asian-Americans, Blasians (people who are of mixed African and Asian descent) or people obsessed with Asian culture, according to ChannelAPA.com. The intent is to have the series filmed in Los Angeles' Koreatown.

--The producers of 'Brighton Beach,' a Russian-American themed show, put out a call looking for "the Russian Snooki or The Situation'' in the spring. The series will reportedly be filmed in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn.
Are there any regional or ethnic groups left to be 'Jersey Shore'-ified?