Source: KoreAm, June 26, 2012


Sneak Peak Released For 'K-Town' Reality Show
Author: Crystal Kim
Posted: June 26th, 2012
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The hype builds for the much-anticipated “K-town” reality show as a short teaser clip was “leaked” ahead of the show’s July 11 debut on YouTube.

If making viewers’ eyebrows raise, jaws drop, groan inwardly and culminate in an outburst of laughter was its intention, than this minute-and-a-half long clip has succeeded. Like a car accident, one simply cannot look away from this spectacle.

The clip highlights an all-out clash between leather-clad Joe “K-town” Cha and black eye shadow enthusiast, Jasmine Chang. Things get pretty serious — we’re talking purse throwing, attempted tripping and spontaneous eruptions into Korean. On the positive side, they do share an affinity for expletives. At least all hope for their friendship is not lost.

It’s almost as if this baby clip simply couldn’t resist poking its bleached little head into the welcome arms of the mother cyberspace – and more importantly, its loyal followers. Never fear, netizens everywhere can soon get ready to see what life in K-town is really like, at least for angry and conflicted Asian Americans surrounded by cameras. K-town will officially be released next month on the LOUD channel, which is hosted by media company Electus.

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