Source: KoreAm Journal, July 3, 2012


Meet the Cast of 'K-Town' Reality Show ... Again

With about a week to go before its official release, a new promo for the anticipated reality show “K-Town” was released this morning.

In the packed two-minute clip, eager viewers can learn a little more about the colorful cast of characters. To make it easier to remember their “unique” personalities, each cast member has been stamped with a moniker that succinctly describes their well-crafted talents, as it were. Here’s a highlight of some of them:

Jasmine the Joker: A K-town native and award-winning hair stylist, her bright blonde coif won’t be the only thing wanting to make you shut your eyes.

Steve the Party Animal: Steve summarizes his interests pretty briefly – night drinking and day sleeping. Maybe he should provide an addendum to his name: strictly nocturnal.

Jowe the Heartbreaker: The prince of K-town, as he so humbly refers to himself, Jowe knows everything and everyone. I guess “heartbreaker” sounds flashier than “psychic.”

Violet the Drama Queen: Despite her dramatic side, Violet declares her natural beauty and scoffs at plastic surgery and makeup. Who said queens weren’t gracious?

The first episode of “K-Town” will be released July 11 on the LOUD channel on YouTube. New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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