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Source: Schema Magazine, August 8, 2012


Young Lee of K-Town: Sex with Lights On or Off?
By Kait Bolongaro
Photo courtesy of ktownrealityshowfanblog.wordpress.com

Young Lee has the style of the quintessential Korean entertainer, and comes off as a sensitive guy with superstar dreams. Although he may seem tame compared to the rest of his crew, Young can raise a little hell.
In last week's K-Town episode, Young got a lap dance at a bar from Scarlet Chan, the sexy ex-dancer. I am sure Young's girlfriend won't be to happy about this female attention. So with all this sexual controversy, how does Young like to get down?
We asked Young his top reasons sex is better with the lights on (or off) and here's what we got:

    Nice body—lights on
    Nice face—lights on
    Ugly—lights off

Pretty straightforward, eh? Notice 'ugly' still makes the cut for getting into bed, but the compromise is turning the lights off. What gets you in the mood? Lights on, or in the dark?

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