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Source: Schema Magazine, August 8, 2012

Joe Cha of K-Town: Top 3 Tips on Winning the Game
By Robert Paranguo
With all the madness between Jowe and Violet in the first three episodes of K-Town, Joe 'The Badass' Cha didn't get nearly as much screen time as his fans (myself included) may have wanted.
Thankfully, in Episode 4 Joe gets a lot more face time with the camera (along with a slight jab from Violet) as he and the boys chat candidly at a BBQ about Korean girls. Amazingly, he's probably one of the only cast members who has yet to be sucked into some heavy drama. Stay above it Joe! Recently, Schema Magazine had the chance to chat with Joe, here's his list of top-3 tips on keeping your eye on the prize.

    Do not show fear to your opponent.Have confidence in yourself and know you can win.Know your opponent's weaknesses before you compete.

Who needs the Art of War when you've got this sound advice from K-Town's top dog?

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