Source: CNET News- Crave, April 7, 2010

The 404 544: Where Justin and Wilson take a trip to the Jersey Shore (podcast)

by Justin Yu

A 404 sticker in the desert: good for photos, bad for publicity.

(Credit: Derrick Chen/The 404)

Look for me and Wilson at an Ed Hardy store near you! We might just pop up on your television set too, if all goes well with a casting call in L.A. asking for Asian-Americans to audition for a reality show based on "Jersey Shore" and "The Hills."

It's rumored to be set in Koreatown, and we're not putting much faith in the series based on the fact that Jin and this guy are the only two Asians on TV right now. That being said, an Asian-American reality television show would be a real gag...maybe their first order of business will be to help Snookie and the Situation get that elusive GED.


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