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Source: Detroit's New 98.7 Amp Radio, April 8, 2010

Jersey Shore Knock Offs!!!

Shay Shay

What’s up with the Jersey Shore Knock-Offs? Have you heard the latest? Click more to find out!

Soooo….I guess Jersey Shore is so good, that want everyone to be able to relate! Jersey Shore’ has given this world a number of wonderful things, from beating up the beat to Snooki in all of her pouffy-haired glory. Now, it’s also providing the inspiration for a number of knock-off reality projects — focusing on subjects from Russians to retirees.

The New York Post recently came across a casting notice for “interesting, attractive, colorful Asian-Americans to cast in a reality show similar to ‘Jersey Shore’” in the Help Wanted section of the Los Angeles Craigslist. The ad claims to be from HQ Pictures, a production company started by actor-model Tyrese Gibson.

‘Jersey Shore’ has proven to be a runaway hit for MTV, but can these counterfeit counterparts possibly live up to the success of the original? While ‘Brighton Beach’ is still in pre-production, ‘Sunset Daze’ has already won rave reviews from an initially skeptical public. The geriatric cast of the WE reality show may not get into as many physical altercations as the Jersey kids, but they still dance, drink and bring the drama like their beach house brethren.

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