'Coming soon to a TV near you: The Asian Jersey Shore'

Ever sat down on your couch, flipped on the tube and said to yourself, "You know what? I kinda feel like watching people practice violin and study calculus this evening"? Apparently Tyrese Gibson has. He is in the process of developing a Jersey Shore-style reality show set in Los Angelos' Koreatown.

The show, called K-Town (not to be confused with K-Ville, the awful Fox drama starring Anthony Anderson) will feature eight Asian-American young people partying, hooking up and inevitably indulging in various ethnic stereotypes.

The show has yet to find a channel to host it but, I can't wait. How awesome would it be to watch the Asian Ronnie karate-chop some punk unconscious on the Venice Pier? "That's one chop, kid!"

"Coming up next week on K-Town: Asian Snookie has too much to drink and throws up bulgogi all over her Armani Exchange top!"

Click here to check out the cast on Twitter.

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