'Jennifer Field is the half-Korean beauty queen of K-Town (the Asian Jersey Shore)'

Filming has begun on a new reality show modeled after MTV’s Jersey Shore featuring Asian-Americans in L.A.’s Koreatown. Tentatively titled K-Town, the cast was announced via pictures posted on Facebook and Twitter after the shooting of the pilot episode this past weekend. Here is a look at the cast:

The girl standing second to the left is named Jennifer Field, and she instantly set off my hapa-dar. I did a little bit of research and indeed she is half-Korean and half-English/Irish/German. That makes her a member of the hot Korean-Irish club!

Jennifer Field

This girl hasn’t come out of nowhere. She won the 2006 Miss Asian America pageant and also that year she was named Miss San Jose Grand Prix in her hometown of San Jose. She has also done some acting and modeling.

She is on Twitter @JenniferField (the show also has its own Twitter @KTownRealityTV) and she is on Facebook and Myspace. She also has an official website and profiles on IMDB and ModelMayhem.

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image:

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