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Jersey Shore VS. KTown

The Situation vs. Peter Le: Hardbodies

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

Loving the gym isn't the only thing Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and K-Town's resident egotist, Peter Le, have in common. Mike was a member of the "All American Male" exotic dancer crew, according to TMZ, showing off his Rambo-like body to hordes of horny bachelorettes. His Asian-American counterpart, Peter, operates his own XXX website, where visitors 18 or older can check out the bodybuilder in all his glory.

JWoww vs. Scarlet Chan: Smackdowns

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

While Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley—not to mention partner-in-crime Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi—isn't even Italian, K-Town's Scarlet Chan is, by all accounts, Asian. That said, the two busty brunettes share tattoos along their ribs and are prone to alcohol-induced fisticuffs—at least judging by JWoww's backhand smack to The Situation's face in Season 1 of Jersey Shore, and Scarlet's frenzied slap-fight at the 1:16 mark of K-Town's promo reel. Both are also entrepreneurs: JWoww has a clothing line called Filthy Couture, and Scarlet is a self-proclaimed model/stripper/hooker.

Sammi Sweetheart vs. Jennifer Field: Pretty Girls

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

With their bikini-ready frames and seductive smiles, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola of Jersey Shore and Jennifer Field of K-Town are the resident pretty girls of the (mad)house, bound to attract the jealousy of their fellow female castmates and break the hearts of the males—which Sammi certainly accomplished in Season 1, with her short-lived Situation/Ronnie love triangle. However, both ladies have racked up some fine accomplishments outside the house: Half-Asian Jennifer was winner of the 2006 Miss Asian America pageant, and Sammi was part of the William Paterson University soccer team that won the Eastern College Athletic Conference's Metro Tournament in November 2009.

Pauly D vs. Young Lee: Blowouts

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio's blowout has become such a phenomenon that the New York Daily News even crafted an instructional video on the 25-minute, gel-heavy process. Then there's Young Lee. The blowout-sporting Guam native and 2003 graduate of New Jersey's John F. Kennedy High School moved to the West Coast to pursue a dancing career. No word yet on how long it takes Young to perfect his soon-to-be patented blowout.

Angelina vs. Jasmine Chang: Drama Queens

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

Every reality-TV show needs a person who'll create a scene. Angelina Pivarnick filled that role during the first season of Jersey Shore, cockblocking her male housemates every chance she got. The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island was eventually booted from the house in the third episode, when she refused to show up for work at the Seaside Heights T-shirt shop. "I feel like this job is beneath me. I'm a bartender… I do, like, great things," were her famous last words. Jasmine Chang, a Tila Tequila-type hairdresser sporting a wacky, platinum blond hairdo, should also bring the drama, and prove the saying that (fake) blondes really are more fun.

Ronnie vs. Steve Kim: Fauxhawks

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

Though Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro is a bigger gorilla pugilist, knocking out several haters in the first season (including an epic showdown on the boardwalk), he and K-Town's Steve Kim share a hairstyle: the fauxhawk. Steve seems a bit more proud of his, since his Twitter handle is @mohawksteve. Then again, Ronnie wins in the piercings department; he rocks a nipple ring on his left pec. Now, the only question is: Will Steve be the first one to get arrested in the house?

Snooki vs. Violet Kim: Tiny Dancers

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

It was the shot heard 'round the world. With her bright orange tan and infamous pouf—aka "The Snookit"—Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi won the hearts of many when she was sucker-punched by a Queens gym teacher. In addition to popularizing Bumpits, the diminutive Snooki, who is all of 4-foot-9, is a true Guidette patriot, exchanging a flurry of Twitter messages with Sen. John McCain over Obama's tanning tax. Short in stature at 5-foot-3 and sporting long, dark hair, Violet Kim is the Asian heir apparent to Snooki. Look for her to be dancing on bars and stirring up some drama. It's not yet known if she has a food fetish like the pickle-obsessed Snooki, but let's just pray she avoids any and all angry gym teachers.

Vinnie vs. Joe Sugil Cha: The Good Guys

Image: MTV; Courtesy of KTown

Twenty-one-year-old SUNY New Paltz grad and aspiring lawyer Vinnie Guadagnino is the nice guy who's too sensitive and just too much of a real person to steal scenes on Jersey Shore, so he faded into the background of the show's first season, only popping up occasionally to playa hate on The Situation. In a similar vein, K-Town's Joe Sugil Cha is making a play for the title of "comparatively responsible" member of the house, having attended the University of Washington and now living in Los Angeles as co-founder of the nightlife promotion company Whisper Entertainment. No word yet on whether Joe will be stricken with a (terribly exaggerated) case of pinkeye or bang Peter "The Situasian" Le's sister.

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