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What Viewers Are Saying About The Soju-Fueled, Stereotype-Busting Reality Show "K-Town"2 hours ago

K-Town Gets the "Jersey Shore" Treatment

What fans and critics are saying after seeing the first 12 minutes from the long-awaited reality show based out of Los Angeles' own Koreatown.
  1. Shockingly, the show falls squarely into guilty pleasure territory.

  2. MohawkSteve
    RT @keniluap: No, of course my roommate and I weren't watching the first episode of K-Town last night... #l @ 647 E 14 St instagr.am/p/M-oyWDxe7O/
  3. eehood
    I love @KTownRealityTV and I’m not ashamed!
  4. theshmoes
    @KTownRealityTV K-town is pretty awful... but i'm going to watch every episode anyway
  5. mmmandykay
    I'm so embarrassed to say this but I think K-Town is my new guilty pleasure.
  6. Some seemed surprised it the drama seemed as fake as anything else on cable.
  7. stephycha
    That K-Town show is here, and it's pretty underwhelming. And good God is everything fake. I guess that's reality TV?blog.angryasianman.com/2012...
  8. Pop culture blogger Angry Asian Man writes: "We've been talking about this damn thing for two years, and finally, the Jersey Shore-styled reality show following the drama and nightlife of Asian Americans in Los Angeles' Koreatown finally debuts today as a webseries on LOUD. And for all the hype, I gotta say, Episode 1 is relatively zzZzZzzzz..."
  9. But the biggest question is...how does it compare to its reality show progenitor?
  10. MrAnthonyGarcia
    Just watched @KTownRealityTV can't wait 4 the next episode. Which one is the Asian Snooki and the Asian Situation? Haha youtube.com/watch?v=2rhDjxD...
  11. There was some impatience about how long it took to premiere...and how long it would take to make it through the next 12 minutes of the season.
  12. Annie_Hwang
    @everythinghapa @KTownRealityTV Theres been enough time to do at least 3 stints in rehab from the 1st time they publicized the show!
  13. paperbunnies
    @KTownRealityTV When's the second ep coming out? Please make it longer than 12mins :D
  14. Some viewers were bummed by the lack of music (so far).
  15. zakubot
  16. A reporter from Grantland got drunk with the cast and put up a behind-the-scenes look just in time for the premiere. She spoke with Scarlet "the Sexpot" about how her audition tape rose to the top of the heap: "I'm talking about how I want to make my mom proud, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and I'm doing my nails, and it cuts to me brushing my teeth, talking about how I just want to make her happy, and then it cuts to me girl-fighting, then it cuts to me getting fucked from behind, but I'm still talking about how I want to make my family proud. So that was my take."
  17. emilyyoshida
    I went and got drunk with the cast of@KTownRealityTV and lived to tell the tale for grantland dot com grantland.com/blog/hollywoo...
  18. It sounds like NBC Los Angeles tried to find someone really angry about the show in K-Town but all they found was one unnamed resident who was kind of on the fence: “They make K-Town look glamorous I guess, or trashy."
  19. In a press release, the show's executive producer Eddie Kim said doing a show about hard-partying Asian-American crew might be a good way to bust the "model minority" stereotype: “I think a little shame is a good thing at this point."
  20. Missed the premiere? Well, it's online and only the fraction of the length of a reality show on cable. Still, you can read a recap here:

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