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Source: Schema Magazine, July 27, 2012


Jasmine Chang: K-Town's Funny Girl Fashionista

By Malissa Phung

Born and raised in K-Town, LA, Jasmine is the whole reality star package. An award-winning hairstylist, her own locks are always on point, her make-up is impeccable, and her clothes are sexy but classy.

She's not just another bodacious K-Town girl who knows how to party: Jasmine's got a quick tongue and she ain't afraid to use it. Here are some tips from a wisegirl with a whole lot of swagger.

Schema: K-Town's giving you your fair share of drama. What are your top 3 tips for dealing with alpha females (or males) in tense situations?
Jasmine: Dealing with alpha personalities is always tricky. There are 3 ways I would react:
Bark back.
Belittle them, using logic and sarcasm.
Or just agree and say sorry to anything and everything to shut them up!

How do you deal with drama? Think Jasmine's got the alpha-antidote down pat?

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