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Source: Schema Magazine, July 19, 2012

Cammy Chung: Sweetheart of K-town | Part I
By Gayatri Bajpai

Cammy Chung is one of K-town's newest cast-members and made her first appearance on the show in the second episode, which released today. So far, Steve has told us that if you cross her or rub her the wrong way, she will break your face. But he beat Cammy at a drinking contest, and she didn't bat an eye. Read on to decide for yourself whether this K-town sweetheart has an inner beast.

Schema Magazine: What have you been up to before K-townand what attracted you to the show?
Cammy Chung:Before the show K-town I've been working at a bar as a waitress near my home. I had worked there a couple of years ago but quit because there was a lot going on in my life at that time but I've been back since September of 2011.

Joining the K-town cast was the last thing I thought I would be doing this year actually. It all happened so fast. I was getting ready for work on a Monday when I got a phone call from one of the producers and I only had about a day to think and decide before jumping on board.

I never watched a lot of reality shows so I'm a newbie to this reality world.

I just figured an opportunity came and I should get my feet wet and try it out and have some fun before making any judgement calls. If we want something in life we've never had then shouldn't we try something we've never done? 
That's how I see it.

Schema: If you could take the world by storm in just one avenue (besides reality tv), what would it be?
CC: Top worldwide Korean-American editorial fashion model like Kate Moss? (laughs) I'm embarrassed to say so but there's truth in it. What can I say? I'm a girl.

Schema: What high school clique did you belong to? Are you different now?
CC: I went to a few different high schools so I was changing cliques a lot but one thing always remained the same. The Koreans stuck with the Koreans. We always took up the shaded area too! We had a lot of fun though. Too many stories to tell ...
I don't think I'm that different from how I was back then. I kept to myself a lot and still do for the most part.

Schema: The K-town Facebook page warns not to take your sweetheart exterior at face value. What does it take for Cammy's claws to come out? Do you serve revenge up cold, or do you take drama head on?
CC: If it's unnecessary drama, I try my best to avoid it. And I don't know what badass side you're talking about.

More from Cammy coming up soon! In the meantime watch the next episode Wednesday on the LOUD Youtube channel.

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