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Source: Schema Magazine, July 27, 2012


Joe K-Town Cha | 3 Tips on Sex & When to Fight
By Robert Paranguo

Swaggering in from the streets of K-Town, the perpetually topless Joe Cha has the body and confidence of Bruce Lee.
He's not just a pretty face, though.
Joe is co-founder and partner of a new company called Reflective Productions. On top of that, he has a fitness business on the side, helping clients feel good about their bodies.
Schema Magazine recently had the chance to ask Joe about the two things we know K-Town is all about: sex and fighting.

Joe "K-town" Cha on Sex:
Most under rated sex move: Elevated missionary. Think of the missionary position but in the air!
Most overrated sex position: Doggy style
Most underrated place to have sex: Movie theater
Most over rated place to have sex: Pool side
3 situations that can only be solved with a fight?

  1. You mess with my mom I'll kill you.

  2. You mess with my family I'll f*ck you up.

  3. You mess with my girl I'll f*ck you up.

At least there's no shortage of testosterone on this show.

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