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Source: Schema Magazine, July 19, 2012

Steve Kim of K-Town: Top 3 Ways to Get Laid
By Kait Bolongaro
Photos from K-Town Reality Show, courtesy of LOUD

Steve Kim doesn't have any problems getting girls. He is suave, sexy and he knows it. The only cast member originally from K-town, Steve knows where all the hot parties are and the best places to meet people. A professed lifelong bachelor, he just wants to have fun with beautiful women. Steve givesSchema a few tips on how to get some action.

Schema: What are your top 3 tips on how to turn girl/guy drama into sex?
SK: 1. Scoop her up and toss her in bed.
2. Cover her mouth with mine. No more talking, only action from this point.
3. Jump on top of her and feel up on all her favorite spots.
Schema: What are the top three lies you've told to get laid?
SK: 1. "I'll be your man from this point on."
2. "I think you're the most special girl I've ever met."
3. "I think you're the one."
More pointers from Steve coming up soon! In the meantime watch the next episode Wednesday on the LOUD Youtube channel

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