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Source: Schema Magazine, July 27, 2012


Violet Kim: The Drama Queen of K-Town on Mixed-Race Dating

By Vinnie YuenBy throwing a drink at a girl, Violet Kim has proven she is the queen of drama in the latest episode of K-Town.
Earlier that night, Violet and Jowe steal a kiss in the hallway. In hindsight, Violet said it was the most stupid thing she has ever done.
When Jowe proceeds to flirt with multiple women throughout the night, that's when things get ugly. Violet throws her drink at one of the women Jowe is hitting on.
But Violet isn't all about drama. As a single mom who's still looking for love, Violet shares with Schema Magazine her dating experience and seduction tips.

Schema Magazine: Describe the best and worst mixed-race dating/hook-up experience you've had?
Violet Kim: I don't have a best because it usually doesn't go past the first date. I have many bad experiences but the one that stand out the most is when the brunch bill of $25 came out, we paid Dutch.
I don't know if that's necessarily a non-Asian thing or a gentleman thing, but it's a stereotype of American culture [to split the bill] so I'm going to go with that until I'm proven wrong.

More from Violet coming up soon!

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