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Source: One Asian World, July 19, 2012
“K-Town” Episode 2, “K-Town Girl” & Upcoming Interview With Paul Kim
July 19, 2012 By Paulette

K-Town Episode 2 aired yesterday and I’m slowing getting into the show. The best parts of this week’s quickie episode (14 minutes) were the drinking game (“Ee-Cha” Round 2) and Seoul Train (fun times!). I gotta admit, Scarlet is already getting on my last nerves. What she did to ol’ dude at the bar (you gotta see the show) was messed up. At any rate, I’m hoping episode 3 will be even better.
Btw…LOUD included K-Town Girl by Breezy Lovejoy feat. Dumbfoundead in the show. Woot woot!!! Song is FIRE! Just in case you haven’t seen the MV…check it out below. 

Side note: Folks are leaving comments about the whereabouts of Jennifer Field (she was initially set to star in K-Town). I have no idea why she didn’t make it into the final cut of the webseries. I do know you can peep her out in Paul Kim‘s upcoming MV Outta My Head.
Side note 2: Yeah…I scored an interview with Paul. The article is coming soon so stay tuned!

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