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Source: Buzz Tab, July 20, 2010

Meet the Asian 'Jersey Shore,' K-Town!

We have heard enough about the shenanigans of ‘Jersey Shore’ cast, now is the time to meet the newest ‘Jersey Shore’ of the town. K-Town is the Korean version of Jersey Shore which is inspired from MTV’s hit series.

K-Town is produced by Korean singer/actor Tyrese who created quite a scene by blocking traffic at Michigan Avenue with Shia LeBeouf.

K-Town is featuring 4 boys and 4 girls living (read partying) together in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The cast involves a Snooki, a Situation (or may be two), and a Pauly D type Asians, and I have to admit that K-Town’s cast is way more impressive than the original ‘Jersey Shore’ cast.

One of the cast members, Peter Le, is a body builder and a porn star (at least rumors are saying so). The official cast members of K-Town have definitely more personality and hotter looks than Snooki, Pauly D, and The Situation. Seriously, are they all fashion models? We are hearing a lot about the charming cast members of K-Town, and we can’t just wait to see them on our TV screens.

K-Town is not picked by any network yet but probably it will hit your TV screens soon. We’re just hoping that K-Town won’t offend the Asian-Americans as Jersey Shore had offended Italian-Americans, and that someone sees the potential stars in these new faces just like MTV did in the case of Snooki and Sorrentino.

K Town

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