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Source: The Count, July 18, 2010

Move Over Jersey Shore Hello K-Town

 by Bert on July 18, 2010

Like Jersey Shore? well you can forgetaboutit, there’s a new TV series in town, K-Town that is.
Produced by Tyrese, so far K-Town has only been released on the internet, however, the reality show, featuring kooky Asian American youngsters is expected to get picked up by a studio any second. The cast consists of 4 girls and 4 guys, and promises to outdo Jersey Shore in all categories, muscles, high hairdos, clubbing and most importantly drama.

Here are some pictures fresh from the set. Okay so were casting agents intentionally trying to mirror Jersey Shore’s look and feel only with a slight slant or what?!

Ktown Reality Show Cast 500x340 Move Over Jersey Shore Hello K Town

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