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AB-OFF!! K-Town Reality Star Peter Le Challenges "The Situation"!!

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BY: Samantha

When we first heard about a reality show starring Asian Americans, we got pretty curious. It was being touted as “the Asian American Jersey Shore” and well, this is MTV! We thought we’d know about it first!

So we investigated further, and covered this new show through the casting process…and WOW. This show looked crazy!! Called K-Town, it’s set in the Korea Town area of Los Angeles and looks like it’s going to shatter every Asian ethnic stereotype imaginable.

Peter Le -- "The Situ-Asian"?

We recently met the cast after they shot the first pilot episode, and followed Peter, Violet, Joey, Jasmine, Violet, Young, Scarlet, Steve, and Jennifer as they worked out, tanned by a pool, and got ready for a night out. The sexy cast invited us to go clubbing with them in K-Town and we brought our cameras along as they danced, karaoked, and got very very drunk.  Seriously people, these kids are something else.

So stay tuned…everything you ever wanted to know about this ridiculous, hilarious, eye-popping, jaw-dropping cast will be right here on MTV Iggy very soon!

Don’t believe us? Check out Peter Le, the Vietnamese cast member with a body to die for. TMZ compared his abs to those of The Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in an ab-off poll.
Peter got 95% of the votes, and when we asked him about it, “the Situ-Asian” talked to our cameras about what the “The Situation” should do to improve that six pack. This Asian’s washboard abs can launder, dry-clean, and press!

Don’t be fooled! The cast might look demure in this photo but they definitely know how to raise hell!

From left to right -- Young, Jennifer, Joey, Scarlett, Violet, Peter, Steve, Jasmine.

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