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Source: Oh No They Didn't, July 18, 2010

K-Town Reality Show Reel

You might want to swallow a Pepcid before watching this mess, or it might leave you with a serious Asian glow. This is the cast reel for K-Town, the Asian-American version of Jersey Shore, that is currently making the rounds to the networks. The pilot, which was produced by Tyrese, was shot in and around Los Angeles' Koreatown last weekend.

This pretty much looks like Jersey Shore with kimchi instead of orange skin. There's an Asian version of Snooks, JWoww, The Situation and Pauly D. Although, K-Town is showing Jersey Shore up, because their Situation is a soft core porn star who can break a grenade in two with his abs.

Here you were thinking that all Asians spend their nights doing math problems for fun and only leave the house to drive their Honda Accord to the 99 Ranch Market to buy bubble tea. Nope, Asians get fucked up and embarrass themselves just like everybody else (Guilty!!).

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