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TMZ Sneak Peak at K-Town 
TMZ's exclusive reel of K-Town portends a lot of drinking, drama, and yeah, girl fights!

Hanopolis | 4:06pm, Mon, Jul 19, 2010 | Comments (3)

Gossip site TMZ has an exclusive reel of the K-town pilot and the intro augurs some wild and crazy stuff. But Mike Le is apparently not too happy. "FML! Bastards at TMZ leaked our K-TOWN cast reel," he tweeted.

Opinions on the show are expectedly divided. Some user comments on TMZ:

That sounds even more boring. What are they gonna argue about? How much fish sauce to put in the meal?

Please no, don't ruin our asian girl fantasies and makes us despise them like those talantless skank whore italian trampy trolls from the Shores. Those worthless, vapid pieces of **** are hated by all (except for the skanky worthless s*** who wanna be just like them)!
Please no, for the love of god, don't do it!!!

Wow.. hope it doesn't get picked up. Embarrassing for any Asian out there. Somewhat entertaining 2 minute clip to watch as a spoof. Can't imagine a network paying for a show like this.

Reinforcing stereotypes and dumbing-down. On TV? Impossible, surely?

How embarrassing for us Asians in Ktown. Bunch of losers and tools as cast members. this is not how it goes down in Ktown.

This will continue with all races most likely. Until they create a show about afro-americans. They seem to be the only ones who have the NAACP and Jesse Jackson types to stop it.

This is not really my bowl of rice... What a fishy premise for a show!

I think the show looks fun! Nobody knows how crazy Asians can get. Until now.

It's like Jersey Shore but with higher IQs. Honestly, I see the many of the cast members overacting. Asians are way too rational to be over the top.

i hope this show gets picked ,it looks kinda interesting cuz asian people need more mainstream **** in the US besides owning it and making all of its stuff lol (pinoy pride still asian)

Yeah, who wants to watch Asians? Boring. Trying to hard.

well hopefully this will crush all the stereotypes about asians being nerdy and anitsocial LOLOL

This is a huge step backwards for asians. I'm sure only white guys with yellow fever will the only ones watching this.

Prediction: This is going to be exactly like Jersey Shore only hotter and skankier, with more overly-dramatic crazy people and unnecessary BS.

What an ugly cast! They would never even have made it through an audition in Asia looking the way they look. Please! Spare me, networks. Don't pick up this show.

i'm asian but this concept is really dumb. What asian problems are there? are they going to fight over math homework?

The silly sh*t people will do to be on TV! I thought Asian cultures were very conservative and had high standards for showing class. Maybe, Koreans will protest by lynching the cast.

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