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K-Town Reality Show

K-Town Reality Show Cast
K-Town Reality Show Cast

This morning read about the K-Town reality show early controversy is disappointing.

The story states the controversy is tied to the backgrounds of some cast members and the stereotype about Asian Americans maybe doomed to be misrepresented.

If the producers have done a good job selecting the brightest and most talented for the show, which I am convinced they did, then there is no reason for setbacks right it the beginning.

The cast is in fact well diversified with all members from different social backgrounds and that representation fits well for a Reality Show. It is up to the cast to get it together and live up to the challenge proving the stereotypes and misconceptions about American Asians have no place anywhere. If the show sets one of its objectives to be fighting those stereotypes and misconceptions, that in itself is an attraction for the audience. It is the actors and actresses’ responsibility to put their differences aside and be serious about coming together with a common purpose to entertain on TV and appeal to an audience big enough to keep them going and possibly go international.

I am not an expert at any of it, but a story well written and brilliantly executed will always attract a big audience. Complains about how Asians are represented by some backgrounds of the cast are to be overwritten by how the cast put on the show.

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