Source: Ningin, July 19, 2010

Tyrese Gibson's K-Town Reality Show aka Asian Jersey Shore video reel

JinraIlustrisimo on Monday, July 19, 2010 7:00AM

Tyrese’s K-Town reality TV show (aka the Asian Jersey Shore) video reel has surfaced on the Internet via TMZ. When it comes to personally judging reality TV shows, I’m something of a TV Goldilocks. Reality TV for me can be not trashy, too trashy or just right. The trashier, the better. Although this reel is just a reel — it doesn’t seem like it’s trashy enough for me.
Having experienced K-Town on many an occasion, I kind feel like there’s nothing really there to exploit as far as reality TV goes. I mean, people don’t even abuse self-tanner in K-Town or use bump-its! If this TV show is trying to serve the purpose of defeating the Model Minority Myth, the stereotype wherein all Asian Americans are model citizens that obey the law and get good grades, then I think we might have something here:

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