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K-Town Reality Show Promotes New Stereotype for Asian Men

July 28th, 2010 | 16 comments | Posted by Jen

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the K-Town Reality Show–aka “The Asian Jersey Shore”–will break down or reinforce stereotypes of Asians (check out this comment thread over at channel APA, for example).

But no one’s talking about how the show might create new stereotypes. Like, the stereotype that…


This stereotype has the potential to be seriously damaging. Think about it.

It could hurt Asian men seeking employment, especially with employers who require shirts to be worn in the workplace, a job sector where Asians have traditionally excelled.

Before you know it, “Asian men hate shirts” will become an internet meme. When people Google “Asian men,” the first suggestion that’ll come up won’t be “hairstyles,” it’ll be “hate shirts.”

Then after that, all you’ll see on TV and in movies will be Asian men with their shirts off.

This stereotype could even haunt Asian men for generations to come, causing those either brave or stupid enough to continue wearing shirts to feel like they’re not Asian enough or, worse, like they don’t exist at all.

[via channel APA]

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