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K-Town Cast Revealed...

Author: Elizabeth
Posted: July 14th, 2010
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…and they’re just as tan and drunk as we thought they’d be.
Photos of the cast of the Asian American reality show everyone’s been talking about have been released through Facebook, and you can already tell who’s supposed to be who. There’s the bleach blonde, the bi-sexual pornstar nude model, the aspiring actress, two meatheads, and even a Korean Snooki. Surprisingly, all the girls do seem to have eyebrows. For now, at least.
They started shooting around Los Angeles’ Koreatown this week, and according to the cast members’ tweets, the show promises at least some drunken entertainment.
Last night was truly unbelievable.. you take 8 crazy personalities and the result, epic madness! love all the cast! – Steve Kim
Craaaaaaazy night with the cast. Good night! Xoxo. – Jennifer Field
Huuuuuunng ooovvveeerrrr daayum… Talk about some crazyyy night, Welcome to Ktown LA .. Seriously – Young Lee
Welcome to Koreatown indeed. More trashy goodness after the jump.

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