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'Asian American K-Town/Jersey Show Cast Revealed'

Oh my god, it’s happening. The first episode of the rumored Asian-American reality show actor/singer Tyrese Gibson is producing has been shot over this weekend in Los Angeles’ K-Town.

As reported by ChannelAPA.com, the show will feature 4 guys: Young Lee, Joe Cha, Peter Le, and Steve Kim. Starring opposite will be 4 girls: Jennifer Field, Scarlet Chan, Peter Le, and Jasmine Chang. While based in K-Town, at least from their last names, the group looks to be mixed with both Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean heritage.

The show might be terrible. The show could be awesome. Or the show could just be a guilty pleasure for most of us much as Jersey Shore was. Good or bad, I can appreciate the diversity we’re getting in the portrayal of Asian Americans in mainstream media. At the very least, it’ll be refreshing for America to find something outside of the typical model minority type depiction of Asians such as those played on Better Luck Tomorrow.

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