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'New K-Town Reality Show Already Creating A Controversial Stir Before It Hits TV! Get "The REAL" On K-Town Cast!'

Before Tyrese Gibson’s K-Town reality show hits the television screens, the eight cast members selected for the show are already creating quite a controversy! Word went out a while ago that Tyrese Gibson had a vision for a never been done before Asian American reality show, and it is finally happening as the pilot was just shot the other day. Now, let the DRAMA begin.

Madness has taken over about K-Town, the newest and more than likely to be one of the highest rated for whatever network snags if first. Listen up. What is causing all the controversy? The backgrounds of the Asian American reality stars! Not everyone is thrilled. In fact, some even believe that Asian Americans are doomed to be misrepresented by the selections for the reality show. Misrepresented, though? Maybe the right word to be used is over representing the not so normal stereotypes that are imagined when one thinks Asian. At least this is what some may argue.

Take a look at only some photos and backgrounds of the K-Town reality show cast below. I recently got a chance to get feedback on any haterism coming their way from Violet Kim, and here is what she had to say- “People are so quick to judge because they aren’t happy themselves“. Then she said they should all go to her blog violetkim.com. Here she is below, and first off the top, she is 5’3 and proud of it!

Next is where the trouble is getting ready to pop off. Peter Le. He is a personal trainer and fitness model according to his twitter, but something is isn’t so obvious is that Peter Le is tied all up in the adult film/photo (gay) industry. Check peterfever.com, and see for yourself.

Next up we have a sex worker named Scarlet Chan who I have tried to contact as well for her whole deal with no response as of yet, so moving on, and she has finally been able to get back with me! Here is what Scarlet says about her role in life and on the K-Town reality show where some of Asian descent are already offended by her representation of the Chinese/Chinese American .

I didn’t go into this project wanting to represent all Asians… I am just me. I’m beautiful, intelligent, slutty, assertive, sexy, and hella fun.. qualities that are not shown in mainstream media of Chinese/ chineseAm.

Scarlet Chan is or was a model with photos to view here but then there are others to view at her own blog site where she names herself a model/stripper/hooker. She hasn’t been on that site for more than 2 years, however, so things may have changed. Well, by her reply with the word “slutty”, maybe things are somewhat the same. We will see!

Actually, check this video Scarlet is in below, and you can see her at around the 50-secondish mark with the tattoo on right arm to id!

Next, we have Eurasian Jennifer Field, and just that alone, the Eur part has some ready to hit the fan because of ethnicity- half Korean. Anyway, Jennifer is a hustling actress who lives in LA. Other than the race part that has some in a furor, she seems pretty “normal”. There she is below, and part of me thinks that this lady is pretty driven! Check the clip of her as Miss Asian America! Hey..snapsnap!

When reality shows it, the real comes out! Of course, coming from a real world perspective, across the globe, industries like these make up a small percentage that can actually rep whole communities, however, this isn’t making some who are heated about the show feel any better. In the end, many Asian Americans feel like it represents in an US or WE factor, not a those particular people factor when it comes to a television broadcast. Then again, some are okay with it. Real life, and yes, these are real people. Everyone has a story.

Shouts to gina for the websites! Shouts to Tyrese Gibson for the reality show! BTW, this post may continuously update so keep a coming!


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