The Minority Militant


'Asian Jersey Shore?? Namja, Please!'

I know this mock reality show is taking place in KTown, LA, Killa-So-Muthaphuckin-Kali, but damn, this is about as Korean as it gets. What happened to the diversity? Do Korean Americans not complain about diversity issues all the time?

This is as ethnocentric as it gets, folks. I thought the progressive thinking was to have Asians under one umbrella? Good luck with that one.

Yo, Tyrese, you Black ain't chu? You couldn't have advocated for a brownie colored Asian like me? You know, us Southeast Asian types from the islands and the ones with a little Indian in us.

I could forgive KTown Cowboys, but this is twice in a row. WTF? Maybe I should do a film about Laotian, Cambodian, and Filipino Cowboys out in the middle of an Asian ghetto. Snooki would be proud! Now that's something you truly would not wanna miss.

How about some Asian folks without fake tans and titties?

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