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'A Curse To Be Too Smart'

Scene from Ktown pilot courtesy Tyrese from ChannelAPA

Perhaps to dispel the ugly stereotype that all Americans of Asian heritage are intelligent and/or hard-working, Tyrese is producing Ktown, a rowdy reality show set in the friendly L.A. district of Koreatown, showing progressive melting-pot assimilations, ChannelAPA reports.

True that Andy Warhol created a film masterpiece of a toilet flushing for eight hours, but the overflowing world of outrage-reality TV fans would likely not watch a show with (lovable) nerds doing homework day, night and in their sleep. Although a scene showing a student being ‘disciplined’ by his friends after reminding the teacher that she forget to give a homework assignment might have merit. That of course can’t compete with “drinking and drama on the set,” as descriptions from Ktown photos breathlessly tease.

The alleged written audition included the generic ‘do you drink? lose your temper? fight?’ reality show questions to weed out all dull applicants.

One thoughtful blogger posted that “White America may think we’re all “nerds” but we’re really just drunks.” With sly malice, another said that no Asian would watch such a show because there’s no such thing as a stupid Asian. Language wounds, prejudices linger. The smartest kid in class always has the hardest time. Still, there’s nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

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