'More Photos of the K-Town Cast Shooting the Pilot Episode of the Asian Jersey Shore!'

It feels like just yesterday that we met the cast of K-Town, who have been getting some serious attention from both outraged and thrilled audiences. Now, straight from Producer Mike Le’s Facebook, here are some behind the scenes shots of Young Lee, Jennifer Field, Joe Cha, Scarlet Chan, Violet Kim, Peter Le, Steve Kim, and Jasmine Chang from the taping of the shows pilot!

Its hard to say if any network is ready to take on these characters, but one thing’s for sure, they won’t disappoint when it comes to making a scene everywhere they go. As a matter of fact it was only halfway through the photo album that we noticed some fights and romances brewing. Check out their night on the town, complete with soju, dancing, and karaoke!

– Abi Katznelson

K-Town cast members walking to their restaurant, in order from left: Young Lee, Peter Le , Steve Kim, Violet Kim, Joe Sugil Cha, Scarlet Chan, Jennifer Field. Photo: Mike Le

Perusing the menu, from left Steve Kim, Joe Sugil Cha, Peter Le , Young Lee , Violet Kim, Scarlet Chan. Photo: Mike Le

Peter Le and Scarlet Chan looking into eachother's eyes. Photo: Mike Le

Steve Kim and Joe Sugil Cha enjoying the company? Or just the soju. Photo: Mike Le

Peter Le , Steve Kim, and Young Lee loosen up. Photo: Mike Le

From left: Steve Kim, Joe Sugil Cha, Violet Kim, and a generally unamused Jennifer Field. Photo: Mike Le

Smiles all around when Peter Le and Jasmine Chang share a moment alone. Photo: Mike Le

Nothing like a little karaoke after a good meal for Young Lee and Jasmine Chang. Photo: Mike Le

Violet Kim watches the Karaoke masters do their thing. Photo: Mike Le

The entire cast joins in the fun! Photo: Mike Le

Peter Le, Jennifer Field and Joe Sugil Cha in heated debate. Photo: Mike Le

Things get heated after the bar between Jennifer Field , Young Lee and Violet Kim. Photo: Mike Le

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