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'I got your Krazy'


Remember all of that buzz about a possible Korean/Asian Jersey Shore hitting airwaves? Well, it seem it's really happening. The show is being filmed in Koreatown (Los Angeles, CA) and above is the newly-unveiled cast. For more details, go to channelAPA. Based on the photos from the pilot episode, it appears there won't be a lack of alcohol-induced debauchery. But what interests me more is that . . .
. . . the cast went to BCD Tofu House on the first episode and then ordered more yummy Korean food later (I spy kimchi fried rice!):

I'm hoping this show includes a lot of gratuitous Korean food images (food porn!). And maybe the cast could surprise us with a coordinated Big Bang number here and there? Okay, that's probably a whole different reality show. One that only airs in my head.

If you can't wait for Chesty McChesterson and the rest of the cast to bring the Krajeeeeeeeeeee right into your living rooms (do people still watch TV in their living rooms?), follow the show on Twitter here to get updates in the meantime.

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