'Meet The Cast Of The Asian Jersey Shore: K-town'

We reported earlier that a Tyrese produced reality show modeled after MTV’s Jersey Shore was in the process of casting. Well, it looks like they’ve finished and we have our cast for the new show, K-town. You can follow the cast members on twitter here and the show itself here. The producers had said earlier that they’re, “going to show Asian Americans like they’ve never been seen before to the rest of the world.”

“This picture was posted on twitter and shows the 8 cast members. 4 guys and 4 girls that will be on the show. With our research, we found that people competing include Young Lee, Jennifer Field, Joe Cha, Scarlet Chan, Violet Kim, Peter Le, Steve Kim, and Jasmine Chang. The pilot episode was shot over the weekend at BCD, Bohemians, and BoBo’s in Koreatown. From what we hear, there was drinking and drama on the set.”


Regarding them…

As a Korean-American, I can say I’ve met my share of people who look like this cast. However, I report mostly on news directly from Korea and live near NYC’s Koreatown so it’s been a while since I’ve seen people this tan or ripped. It’s also hilarious that their choice of bar food looks to be bibimbap and melon and their drink of choice seems to be soju. They’re getting drunk the Korean way! I cannot wait to see how this show is going to turn out.

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