'The Jersey Shore VS K-Town'

So, the Internet is going crazy over this new reality show. My only question is — how will this match up to the show that introduced guidos to the mainstream, Jersey Shore? Most of the characters seem to be the same but the setting will definitely be different. I always hoped that America would someday be made aware of the “noraebang” (a room where you sing karaoke and get drunk) and the ubiquitous bottle of soju.

Enjoy my poorly photoshopped picture comparisons and hope this show gets picked up by a network. Also, just like the Jersey Shore where only five members were actually Italian and only one was from NJ, K-Town does not have a cast of all Koreans. Based off just the last names, out of an eight member cast, only three are Korean. Interesting…

There may be a few differences in their drink of choice. Jersey Shore has Ron Ron Juice — K-town has soju.

Photo Credit: Google Images + MTV

In the muscle department, Peter Le has the Situation beat. Then again, he’s a bodybuilder and not an aspiring rapper.

Photo Credit: MTV + K-Town

Wow. Jwoww and Scarlet Chan are so ___.

Photo Credit: MTV + Twitter

Jennifer Field will probably be the second “Sweetheart.” Nice and possibly booted off the show for not being interesting enough.

Photo Credit: MTV + K-Town

Rather short in stature, Violet Kim looks a lot like Snooki. Oh boy, let’s hope the similarities end there.

Photo Credit: Violet Kim + Getty

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