Confessions of TKPA

'K-Town? OH. HELL. YES.'


I have to admit, I am ridiculously excited for K-Town to air on MTV. Really, I cannot freaking wait for this show. And it is actually for some surprising reasons, and this might shock you all ... but it has nothing to do with the physical appearance of the guys on the cast.

Shocking, right? I mean, TKPA doesn't care that there are some attractive Korean men gracing her television screen? That's right. I don't care. Partly because I have become so used to slender, athletically built Asian men rather than the 'roided up, orange douchbag look, that it does nothing for me to see these guys. So, with that aspect clearly out the window, there are three reasons I cannot wait for this show.

Reason #1

I am addicted to trashy reality shows. All those ones on VH-1, the dating shows primarily and Tool Academy (oh, how I love you, Tool Academy!), are like crack to me. And although it is ridiculous as all hell, the Jersey Shore sucked me in. It is only natural that I will love this show because it is guaranteed to be trashy and ridiculous (it is MTV).

Reason #2

I cannot wait to see what those crazy ass Netizens have to say about it. You know, the insanely uptight, cynical, and sexually frustrated, overly opinionated people in South Korea. They're going to have a field day with this, and I can honestly hear the angry roar starting. Think about it ... what are the chances of South Koreans overreacting and making a huge deal about nothing? (Keep in mind, Jay Park and G-Dragon). You take eight Korean-Americans, add MTV, a liquor bar, and a pinch of WTF-is-this, et voila ... it's like an angry bee hive about to explode with dynamite.

I bet anything there will be some statements referring to the cast being raised in America, as "[native] Koreans would never act like that." Because, you know, they're perfect in everything they do and we here in America are totally absurd and confusing. Prime example being the overreactions of a girl throwing her bra to Nichkhun while he was on stage in Anaheim. You can blame it on the cultural difference all you want and say Americans' morals are lacking or whatever ... but at least those letters written in blood didn't come from us.

Reason #3

However, I am most excited for all these Netizens to go bat shit crazy over cast member Peter Le's occupation. Which, if you haven't heard yet, is a bisexual porn star. IT WILL BE FUCKING HILARIOUS AND I CANNOT WAIT.

If you want to follow the show's official Twitter page, then check out @KTownRealityTV. There's a list of all the cast members and their accounts, as well.


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