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'Meet The Cast of Tyrese Gibson’s K-Town Reality Show; Ludacris & The Rock Join Fast Five Cast'

The cast of the very first Asian American reality show, K-Town, has been revealed, and don’t they look marvelous! Tyrese Gibson has become a man of many firsts if anyone has been following him closely, and this K-Town reality show is no exception.

K-Town Reality Show Cast

One of the cast of K-Town that immediately stands out is Jasmine Chang because she is working that white hair and those heals. Monstrous street knockers! The rest of the cast names are Scarlet Chan, Jennifer Field, Steve Kim, Violet Kim, Young Lee, Peter Le and Joe Cha, ranging from fitness gurus to those in adult film industry. All teamed up with four girls and four guys, this show already looks like a winner as this crew has never been seen or done before in all television history. Asian Americans are about to shut it down on K-Town!

While all the filming for the pilot has already gone down for K-Town, Tyrese Gibson has a double dose of work on Fast Five (Fast and Furious Five) and Transformers 3. He tweeted his gear for his role in Transformers 3 below and we all know that for Fast Five, this gear is out the door.

Speaking of Fast Five, Ludacris and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) have joined the cast, so at least we know that very familiar faces will hit the screen and the red carpet upon its release.

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