'K-town Cast Member Peter Le: The Sexy Bodybuilder with an X-Rated Website'

Of the four girls and four guys from the cast of K-town, the Asian-American version of the Jersey Shore reality show in Los Angeles, the award for the most-buzzed about cast member definitely goes to Peter Le. But with bronzed biceps busting out of his shirt and an adorable smile, it was impossible not to notice him!

The most PG-rated photo we could find. Photo source: www.PeterFever.com

From Northern California, this fitness model and professional bodybuilder has his own website called PeterFever where you have to be 18 or older to check out some pretty X-rated photos of his rippling abs and other — uh, lower? — parts of his body. Only click on the video on the homepage if you are ready for some full-frontal nudity! His sex-charged persona is emphasized in his website’s About Me section, where he is pretty open about his sex life, explaining “I’m a Scorpio, so my sex drive is really high!”

In an interview on Blasian Bytch he talks about his work with Playgirl Magazine, but he also reveals that most of the members of his website are gay guys who enjoy checking out Asian men. “I also have a Facebook page and it tells me how many are men and how many are women so its probably about 98% men on the website…. and I’m okay with that.” When asked about his sexual orientation he answered he prefers “not to label” himself — which definitely leaves room for some speculation.

He is also quite the entrepreneur, as he sells eBooks that will “teach you the correct way to weight train so that you can get the rapid results you want without the spending an excess amount of time and energy in the gym working on the wrong things.”

With such a large Internet fan base, its no surprise Peter Le was picked for the final eight cast members! It is safe to say K-town will have an interesting first season with Peter Le in the house. Check out this interview with Peter Le from the day of the K-town auditions, where he talks about how he think he will fare against the competition: “These people are looking for personality, not so much on looks, and if looks and personality all come together you probably have a winner. For me, I’m a body builder, so I work out, so looks is fine, [but] personality wise, it depends on what kind of questions they ask me.” You’re right Peter, I think you passed in the looks department.

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