My Two Shiny Pennies


Source: My Two Shiny Pennies, April 10, 2010

Tyrese's new reality show on Koreatown.

With the stereotypical portrayal of Italians in Jersey Shore, I'm doubtful that Tyrese's version of Koreans from Koreatown, LA will be any better. Miles' family has been here since 1958, long before this place was even K-town, so I have a deep love for this place. I know the show won't do any justice for the community, but I hope there won't be an injustice. This struggling community is diverse & resided by Koreans, Bangladeshis, Mexicans, & Central Americans. K-town is more than just bars & clubs on Friday nights! It is a community of immigrants working towards achieving their version of the "American Dream."

There is a traumatic hystory of love, community development, injustice, destruction, and rebuilding. Interestingly, Tyrese is introducing this show this month... April 29 will be the eighteenth year remembrance of the 1992 LA Civil Unrest.


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