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Source: Drama Fever, April 8, 2010

User Survey: Do You Want a Koreatown Version of JERSEY SHORE?

Entertainer and entrepreneur Tyrese Gibson has confirmed that his production company has an Asian American version of MTV’s JERSEY SHORE in the works. A casting call went out on Craigslist LA with a location listed of “Los Angeles/Hollywood/Koreatown” (Read the ad here.)

We wonder what you think of this kind of Asian entertainment. We’ve created a new survey section so that we can get instant feedback from our users. You’ll see it over on the right hand side. Would you cross your fingers that “reality TV” comes to DramaFever, or does it make you cringe to think of a Korean American girl named Eunhee getting punched out and laying on the floor? (For those not familiar with JERSEY SHORE, reference this.)

Reality TV? On DramaFever? JERSEY SHORE in Koreatown? Let us know what you think about this direction of TV programming!

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