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Source: 8 Asians, April 11, 2010

SNL Weekend Update's Take on the Asian American Version of The Jersey Shore

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The last time I blogged about Saturday Night Live, I made a comment regarding their portrayal of Asian American men; this past weekend, SNL’s Weekend Update briefly mentioned that producers were in the process of casting for an Asian American version of Jersey Shore, where Seth Meyers wondered how successful the show was going to be with “their version of Snooki.” At least SNL is an equal opportunity offender when it comes to reinforcing Asian American stereotypes.

Having never watched an episode of Jersey Shore and only briefly know what the reality TV show is all about, I’ve heard of Snooki but have no idea who she is really, except that she’s not all that bright from the brief glimpse of her I saw when she was on Jay Leno with some fellow cast members. But I guess the show itself has generated its share of controversy in how it depicts Italian Americans as well; l I’m sure the Asian American version of Jersey Shore will no doubt do the same.

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