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Source: Korea.net, April 15, 2010

MTV to produce hit reality show in L.A.'s Koreatown

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Casts from the first season of Jersey Shore

Casts from the first season of Jersey Shore

MTV’s hit reality program “Jersey Shore” will produce the second season of its show at Los Angeles’ Koreatown, according to Ukopia, an online Korean media based in the United States.

Jersey Shore topped viewer ratings and is aired on 60 channels around the world. In previous episodes the show featured eight Italian-Americans in their early 20s living together in a house near the sea in New Jersey. The show got famous for its live coverage of the everyday lives of its stars, how they interact with each other all the way down to every little argument and unexpected turn of events accompanied by emotions of love, hate and jealousy.

“Thanks to the huge popularity of the show, there has been talk that MTV and Tyrese Gibson, 31, are joining hands to make an Asian version of it,” wrote Ukopia. “The rumor was confirmed as truth after website Craigslist posted a recruitment ad for Asian (especially Korean) cast members on April 5.”

According to the recruitment ad, this new show is looking for attractive Asian-Americans with lively, strong, and unique personalities aged 18 to 30, with a lifestyle focused in Koreatown. It added that one doesn’t have to be an Asian but must be familiar with Koreatown culture.

“The second season of Jersey Shore, which will be made in Koreatown version brings both high expectations and concern,” Ukopia said, “As the show plans to cover the wild lives of Asian youth, it could come as a shock to first generation Korean-Americans. At the same time this could be an opportunity to see the birth of new Korean-American stars.”

By Kim Hee-sung
Korea.net Staff Writer

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