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Source: Esprit de Juin Parc, April 9, 2010

Jersey Shore Meets Korea-Town

Tyrese Gibson, who starred in Transformers and Too Fast Too Furious, has confirmed on his Twitter about his new upcoming show featuring the yellow people from the East: ASIANS. Or more specifically, he’s targeting the Korean American population for another spin-off from Jersey Shore.

This I gotta see. If only they could come to Canada – Toronto would show them what’s up! I’d so apply for it too, hahah.

Koreans in the house, make some noiiiiiseeeeeeeee. *Brings in the karaoke machine*


On another note: I’m noticing a terrible trend amongst guys that I know, and what’s worse is that I’m nearly always involved.. plus it’s usually a type of “home-wrecking” position (7th time’s the charm…) I’d like to meet a guy who’s completely single and can hold my attention span for more than three days.

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