Source: Serkadis, April 8, 2010

"Jersey Shore" Spinoffs Now Casting Persians, Asians, Russians

Lordy — The power of “GTL” just keeps on pumpin’ those fists: Are you a young-looking, hard-partying Persian? If so, MTV wants to talk to you! The production company behind the network’s breakout reality hit Jersey Shore is casting Persian-Americans who think they’ve got what it takes to be the next Snooki or Pauly D.

(…..MTV will not be sticking a fork in this damn franchise unless somebody marches on Washington…..)

On Thursday, Doron Ofir Casting and 495 Productions announced that they’re casting an “all-Persian” version of the politically-incorrect and culturally-divisive trainwreck about young Italian-Americans pissing their parents money away at the beach.

According to Gawker.com, which was first to obtain the new casting call, network producers are looking for applicants who are 21 or older and “appear younger than 30 and are outrageous, outspoken and a proud Persian-American.”

The second season of Jersey Shore went into production in Miami over the weekend. The show is the most successful unscripted series in MTV history.

This is the fourth Jersey Shore spinoff series announced this year — just in case you’re keeping tabs.

On Monday, Ofir Casting revealed that they are currently casting for numerous future installments of the controversial show. In addition, a Russian-American adaptation of Jersey Shore, not affiliated with MTV and set in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach community, is also in the works. Finally, singer-actor Tyrese Gibson is producing an Asian-American reality show set in LA’s Koreatown. A post on Craigslist said Black Ty’d “looking for beautiful Asian-Americans with lively, strong, and unique personalities between the ages of 18 to 30 with equally interesting life stories and perspectives to share.”

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