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Source: Mental Poo- Work Life in Corporate Korea, April 9, 2010

KOREATOWN: Choose me peas

For those of you who don’t already know, there is buzz going around that Tyrese is producing a KoreaTown version of MTV’s ultra popular Jersey Shore. Or as they call it here in korea “Mad Party House”… I can only imagine what korea would call the new KoreaTown show…. “disgrace to our people” or “we don’t associate ourselves with American born Koreans”… im sure native Koreans wont be too happy about the potential drama that is to occur.

So I was sent the link two times by two different people and talked to a few people about how fun it would be to apply but I didn’t consider actually applying… until last night haha. So I sent in my app, but my chances are low considering that there are in-person auditions coming up and I’m a world away in Korea. Maybe if the stars align and the reality TV gods are feeling extra generous, they’ll even slightly consider me. I would make our people proud by partying hard til 4 am but waking up in the morning on time (It’ll be just like work!) and punching boys who say degrading things to me, i swear!


for some extra info click (Here)

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