Source: Infotainment, April 11, 2010

Upcoming Asian American Reality TV Show

Recently on twitter, my friend retweeted a message by Tyrese Gibson regarding his new reality television show based on Asian-Americans. As an Asian American, I was very intrigued by this so I decided to do more research. After a quick Google search, I was able to find an article by Channel APA that provided more information. Tyrese’s new show will be similar to MTV’s hit reality TV show, Jersey Shore. The show will be based in Koreantown of Los Angeles and they are looking for people who know or have experienced the Koreantown life.

When I first read my friend’s tweet, I was intrigued and excited. My first thought was, it’s about time there’s a reality television show for just Asian Americans. However, after learning that it will be similar to Jersey Shore and that it is located in Koreantown, I have mixed feelings about it. One of my guilty pleasures is watching trashy reality TV, which is why I enjoy Jersey Shore. I’m not sure how well the Asian American reality show will do in terms of ratings but I expect there to be a lot of controversy and issues as well. Tyrese is calling for “interesting, attractive, colorful Asian-Americans” in his Craiglist post but they need to know about or have experienced the Koreantown life. Most people who would match the second part of the criteria would be Korean Americans – how does one ethnic group represent all Asian Americans?

I guess this is why I’m writing my paper on Jersey Shore, to understand the attraction ethnic-based reality television shows.

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