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Source: Lady Dynamite, April 7, 2010

YAY FOR CHUNNIE!! (+ a Korean Version of Jersey Shore?? WTF?!)

So I was on AKP just a while ago and I read some shit that apparently MTV is trying to do a fucking show called ‘KoreaTown’ (Yes. Really.) and that it’ll be a spin-off of Jersey Shore and that Tyrese is going to be producing it…


I see utter fail all over this bullshit. Why in the hell would they even think about doing some shit like this?? I will admit I watched Jersey Shore and that shit was just a hot ass mess. Why would they make a spin-off from that?!

apparently they are looking for ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’ people…Yeah..basically they mean you have to dress like an utter slut, be a fucking alchoholic, and have absolutely no class whatsoever.

And good news for people who aren’t ASIAN!! You guys can apply to! As long as you love/are obsessed with Asian culture!! *SARCASM*

I just want to say that Asians have enough negative stereotypes against them. They don’t need anymore. And I can guarentee you guys that any person they get to be on that show will be a hot shitty mess.

As for the Non-Asians…It’s bad enough that people who like anything Asian-related are seen as weird…I’m sure the person they get for that role will be a complete and utter weirdo that will make everyone in America think that all people who love/are obsessed with Asian culture act that way…

This is not a good fucking idea.


What do you guys think about this???

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