Joseph Gutierrez


Source: Joseph Gutierrez, April 8, 2010

A Jersey Shore-like show set in K-Town?!

Holy shit. I caught whiff of this on allkpop.com and this shit is going to be crazy. It's definitely got potential to be one of the trashiest shows in reality television history. It's even more funny, since there's no one going to be watching it because it's an ethnic group that the majority of America knows absolutely nothing about. I can seriously imagine the first episode now…

Generic looking Korean dude with a bad tattoo saying, "Yo. My name's Jonathan Kim, but my buddies all call me KP, for Korean pride, because I love being Korean.

Here's the real kicker though, Tyrese, most famous for his amazing performance in 2 Fast 2 Furious alongside Paul Walker, is the co-producer. Holy shit, this is going to be great.

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