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Source: Fancast News, April 6, 2010

The Latest Situation on 'Jersey Shore'

by Christy Smith

The Latest Situation on ‘Jersey Shore’
Guidos and guidettes, break out the Aqua Net and hair gel. The brainiacs at MTV are looking to beef up the cast of ‘Jersey Shore.’

“Killer shades, awesome hair, bandannas and bling can only mean one thing. So if you’re a toned and tanned fist-pumper we want to hear from you!,” reads the casting notice. “Do you dominate the gym? Tear up the dance floor and rule the bedroom? Then prove it!”

Hope the producers have a truck load of Purell sanitizer handy for that casting couch.

Meanwhile, HQ Pictures, a production company started by actor/model Tyrese Gibson, has jumped on the ‘Jersey Shore’ knock-off bandwagon and is casting an Asian version of MTV’s runaway hit reality show.

A listing in the help wanted section of Los Angeles Craigslist reads: “Interesting, attractive, colorful Asian Americans to cast in a reality show similar to ‘Jersey Shore.’”

If you’re not Asian, just an Asian lover, and would like to audition, don’t fret. “If you are not Asian but obsessed with Asian people email us, please explain,” said the notice.

Previous spawns of ‘Jersey Shore’ include a Russian-American version set in ‘Brighton Beach’ and a senior-citizen edition set in a nursing home.

Remember when MTV played cutting edge music videos? I don’t.

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